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Heart Essence of the Lake-born For Print Only

Heart Essence of the Lake-born For Print Only


This is our Mayum Mountain edition of Tso Kyé Tukthik for printing only. It was translated by Todd Creamer. It will not work as a digital document, unfortunately. It is a booklet printed on (folded)  8.5." by 14" (legal-sized) paper. The reason for this format is that we use this text mainly for group tsoks. Our chopons are not professionals, so they need a little guidance. We put cues in the extra-wide margins.


This is a large document.


You can take this to a copy shop and have them coil-bind it. Tell them:

File Attached: "TTT 20240417YW Tsok PRINT"

Size: 8.5 by 14" (legal) half-page style booklet on 

Paper: white 24 pound. 

Cover: color printed on white card stock.

Cutting: cut it down the center (making it 7" inch wide by 8.5" tall)

Collate: yes

Binding: Coil bound with a clear plastic front overlay and a stiff black or white vinyl outer back cover. 

Coil color: Ideally white, black next best


We will generate a electronic device readable version for sale soon. 

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